Overwhelmed with self help books, Youtube videos, Podcasts, or confused by one size fits all online courses?

A Simple Solution to Eliminate Stress, Overthinking or Emotional Turmoil in About 15 Minutes a Day

Generate inner peace with tools you can use for a calmer, balanced and happier life 

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First...let's address the elephant in the room


Personal growth is not a passive process! There's no "special pill" that will solve all of your problems...


It takes attention, a little bit of time and a willingness to try new things to change your life. 

It requires vulnerability, authenticity and a darn good sense of humor. Personal growth requires a shift in your relationship with yourself. 


With the right knowledge, tools, and support at hand, you’ll be able to create a calmer, and emotionally healthy life for yourself…


Introducing Take Out Therapy Club


For those who want to

Master Emotional stability
Easily problem solve
✅ Manage Stress
✅ Develop Life Skills
✅ Find Inner Peace


❌ Self Help books
❌ Talk Therapy
❌ Thousands in coaching
❌ Expensive retreats

Take Out Therapy Club is a one-stop shop for therapeutic workshops, extra coaching & a private community

Take a look inside this amazing growth focused experience--->


If this was yet another podcast or self help book..

There would have been the usual amount of psychobabble and complicated information, without specific instructions for the kind of change you're looking for

That's not the Take Out Therapy style. Instead you'll get:

New straightforward, easy to implement, action-oriented Workshops & Coaching Sessions delivered Every Single Month.

Take Out Therapy content is never complicated or outdated and is chock full of current research and simple therapy based methods. 

Take Out Therapy Club is...

Mental Health Training, Coaching and Community all in ONE PLACE..

The future of your business, your health and your relationships will depend on how well you can manage yourself..

There are loads of Podcasts, Self Help books, Youtube Videos out there...or maybe sitting on your nightstand.

Each one of them contains so much information..

These Books, Videos or Podcasts overwhelm and confuse most people..

Some of these books are 200, 300 and in some cases 500 pages long...yikes!

That is the reason why statistics like these are very common..

Hi, There! I'm Rebecca Hunter👋

After working as a therapist for many years, I found the clinical, medical approach lacking... not to mention BORING.

Long assessment forms, unnecessary diagnoses and ugly offices were not my style. 

That's why I am doing things differently. 

The majority of people who are diagnosed need education and new skills, not pills. 

I have spent thousands of hours in the therapy chair, read a ton of books on mental health and wellness and have attended more than 20 specialized trainings..

I'm the biggest mental health nerd you'll ever meet and I want to spread simple, straightforward information to everyone who needs it.

By joining Take Out Therapy Club you will begin the journey of finding yourself again


You'll have everything you need, right in front of you to stop overthinking so that you can live your life with the peace and calm you've always wanted.


By engaging in a simple & straightforward personal growth, without the complicated jargon or psychobabble.

Years of research & experience in life skills, thousands of hours in the Therapist chair

...are boiled down into short demo videos and simple worksheets...your own library of vital life skills.

And every month more skills get added --->

As an Extra bonus… You will get access to me.. Answering all of your burning questions


People who consume my podcast have detailed and complex questions regarding their unique situations..

Normally, this type of private access to me was not possible unless you booked a personal therapy session with me..and my help is not cheap.

But, as a member of Take Out Therapy Club... 

You can ask your questions  Anytime.

How easy is THAT?


I LOVE to answer your Emails and Messages that you send to me in The Club! It's part of the fun for me:)

You also get access to every coaching session I've ever done

Each month I do a Coaching session around a vital topic.

These are based on therapy trainings, research and successful clients.

As a special offer for Club members, you will get all these for FREE 


Each month I conduct a brand new workshop on a mental health topic..

Each in depth workshop, talks about things like Healthy Relationships, Communication Skills and Emotional Management

Every topic is based on challenges people are facing TODAY in therapy offices around the world.

Relevant topics every month with a session to answer all of your burning questions...what could possibly go WRONG?!

This is a totally different kind of Membership

If this was private coaching..you'd pay a pretty penny $$ for this level of support.

But thanks to the power of the internet and Online community..

I can provide this help at a fraction of that price.

You get to benefit from my..

Two decades of study on mental health & 1000's of dollars spent on professional training, retreats and masterminds.

What do you get when you join Take Out Therapy Club?

✔️ New Workshop Every Month ($499)

✔️ Access to All Past workshops ($1999)

✔️ Life Skills Library ($999)

✔️ Coaching & Questions Session each month ($499)

✔️ Access to recent and past coaching calls ($199)

✔️ Access to me for questions and support ($799)

✔️ Growth Oriented Community (Priceless)


The typical price for this kind of membership runs about $100/month

Your special price for today is $27

An immediate discount of 73%

This is less than the money that you spend on shopping for those unnecessary things to make you feel complete..

You are invited to try the Take Out Therapy Club today on ME. 

If you like it, you are in as a Founding member with all of the benefits..

If you find that Take Out Therapy Club doesn't meet your needs, it's fine. Just cancel the membership with ONE click! 

You’re under no obligation..

Frequently Asked Questions

Every month you'll get access to an in-depth, action-oriented workshop, available in any format you need.

After the workshop, you'll login to your membership to get access to your action planning workbook. Daily tips, journal prompts, and new tools as well as additional resources are provided in the PDF workbook. There will also be a demonstration of a fundamental life skill each month, whether it be a therapy exercise, a physical movement or a mindset shifter- it will help! 

One of the goals of my work is to help people integrate new knowledge and skills into their lives, without a huge time investment, bunch of hassle or extra things to do. Each months Workshop will be less than an hour in length, often broken into smaller videos. Beyond that, it's up to you how much time you want to invest in your personal growth project. This membership will take awareness and dedication to change things about yourself so you can feel your best and have a peaceful life. 

Absolutely! But not as a therapist- just your super nerdy personal growth guide. Every month you'll get  a chance to ask me as many questions as you want- either by email or in my QA sessions. I will give you direct, simple, no nonsense feedback to help you work things out. Whether it's a deeper question about the month's content or a question about how to deal with your power hungry boss- I've got you covered. And if it's a question I can't answer, I'll direct you to someone who can.

I'm so happy you asked! We are going to start with the basics of mental health. These are the things that people in therapy always find incredibly helpful right from the start.

Each month you'll learn a new exercise that I do with people in my therapy office every day.

We will do a life values assessment to help you understand your core motivations in life. We will learn about the healthy way to communicate and steps you can take immediately to get stronger at relationships.

Oh, friend. You are going to be blown away by how much you learn, how it feels to understand yourself better, and how amazing life can feel when you've got a handle on things. 

Here is what what people like you are saying about me

Kristin C

Rebecca's thoughts, humor and knowledge calm me down and help me start to think about things in a different way..Is it healthy to binge self-help? 😉 I know this will help so many that can't afford or are too scared for their first therapy appointment

H Thyme

Bite Sized and Just the right serving! Thanks for all that you do.


I'm a person who has had a LOT of anxiety about even starting therapy, and I feel like this has been a great starting point. Her voice is so calming and the things she says makes you feel so heard and not alone in the things you and everyone is going through.

PS : If you are one of those people (like me) who scrolls to the end of the page, here's the deal

I'm giving you access to my Club (whose regular price is $100/month) for $27

As a member of the Club you will get access to

1. Therapist Approved Life Skills Lbrary
2. Monthly Coaching & Questions Sessions
4. New Workshops Every Month
5. Access to All Past Workshops & Coaching
6. Access to me via email and private chat

In fact, if you don't love this Club, I have a 15 Days NO QUESTIONS ASKED Money Back Guarantee

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