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Therapy is not the ONLY answer to your problems. Take Out Therapy Club will educate and empower you to change your life! Watch this short video to learn more


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This program will help if...

  • You want to better understand and manage your emotions
  • You want to develop healthy, proactive relationship skills
  • You want to improve your communication, stress management and problem solving skills
  • You want to continuously learn, grow and improve yourself
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How Does Take Out Therapy Club Work?

Side by side with Rebecca Hunter, MSW, you'll be guided through a personal growth process that will change your life. Ask questions and get coaching along the way!

Monthly Workshop

Every month you'll get a different therapeutic hands on workshop, designed to educate and inspire you towards action oriented change. More lessons than you'd learn from a year in therapy, in less than an hour. 

Vital Life Skills

There are some skills that every single person needs to have in order to maintain healthy balance and optimal mental and physical health. Therapist developed, researched and proven helpful.

Growth Oriented Community

Our simple message board is filled with journal prompts, inspiring stories of change and new resources. This is the opposite of social media. Engage with like-minded folks.

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Hi, I'm Rebecca Hunter, MSW!

Private Practice Therapist & Creator of Take Out Therapy

My thousands of hours in the therapist chair has led to a way overzealous interest in mental health education. I'm basically an enthusiastic geek. The average person doesn't know enough to be mentally healthy, and it's concerning. So I decided to be involved in my own way. I teach people HOW to be connected, present and self aware.

Just like my podcast, Take Out Therapy Club is a place for you to grow as a person on your own time, with simple instructions and clear action plans. It's better mental health. Delivered.

Join for $27 a month

Take Out Therapy is Changing Lives Everyday

Frequently Asked Questions

Every month you'll get access to an in-depth, action-oriented workshop, available in any format you need.

After the workshop, you'll login to your membership to get access to your action planning workbook. Daily tips, journal prompts, and new tools as well as additional resources are provided in the PDF workbook. There will also be a demonstration of a fundamental life skill each month, whether it be a therapy exercise, a physical movement or a mindset shifter- it will help! 

One of the goals of my work is to help people integrate new knowledge and skills into their lives, without a huge time investment, bunch of hassle or extra things to do. Each months Workshop will be one hour in length, with a Q&A. Beyond that, it's up to you how much time you want to invest in your personal growth project. This membership will take awareness and dedication to change things about yourself so you can feel your best and have a peaceful life. 

Absolutely! But not as a therapist- just your super nerdy personal growth guide. Every month you'll get  a chance to ask me as many questions as you want- either by email or in our live sessions. I will give you direct, simple, no nonsense feedback to help you work things out. Whether it's a deeper question about the month's content or a question about how to deal with your power hungry boss- I've got you covered. And if it's a question I can't answer, I'll direct you to someone who can.

I'm so happy you asked! We are going to start with the basics of mental health. These are the things that people in therapy always find incredibly helpful right from the start.

Each month you'll learn a new exercise that I do with people in my therapy office every day.

We will do a life values assessment to help you understand your core motivations in life. We will learn about the healthy way to communicate and steps you can take immediately to get stronger at relationships.

Oh, friend. You are going to be blown away by how much you learn, how it feels to understand yourself better, and how amazing life can feel when you've got a handle on things. 

Take Out Therapy Club is a simple way to do your personal growth work.

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Get access to Monthly:

  • Coaching and question sessions with an Expert
  • Improvement Workshops 
  • Life Skills Trainings &
  • Simple Visual Action Plans

As Always...a 15 day guarantee & OneClick Cancellation

Join Now $27/month

I'm honored to help so many people!!

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