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The Deeper Truth 

It's easy to get lost in the everyday situations and problems of life. On the surface, things seem to be about one thing...but it's always WAY deeper than that. Hang with me for a few minutes today as I explore what things REALLY mean. Then I will show you how to start bring this deeper work into your own life.

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Friendship is vague. The structure is undefined, the expectations are unknown, and everybody's really confused about how to have a healthy adult friendship. In today's episode, I will help you understand the absolutely necessary elements of friendship so you can have less drama and more of what you both need.

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Get Out of a Funk 

Ever taken a little (or big) nose dive into a Funk?! It can get miserable if it goes on too long. Not to mention dysfunctional. If you are ready to move forward and get OUT of the funk- today's episode will help. Follow my action oriented plan to pick yourself back up, shake it off, and move on.

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Hi! I'm Rebecca Hunter, MSW...

Therapist, Educator and Major Mental Health Nerd!

After working and training in the therapy field for many years, I found the clinical, medical approach lacking. Long assessment forms, unnecessary diagnoses and ugly offices were not my style. That's why I am doing things differently.

I help chronically stressed out people to slow down, find balance and discover themselves- using an updated, science based approach. Whether you work with me individually, listen to my podcast,  or join my personal growth Club ...You'll learn about how to take the healthiest actions at the right time to massively improve your life. I'm all about a simple approach to great mental health! 

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