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"You guys! You have found the ONE. I truly believe this is the best self-help podcast out there. It's perfect for literally anyone who is busy life-ing that wants to work on doing it better. Rebecca has such wonderful insight on dealing with everyday issues and speaks about them in a way that's easy to understand, which is so hard to find. It's like listening to your bestie gove you advice, only your bestie is giving you GREAT advice that will help you navigate healthily through whatever situation you're dealing with."

"This is the only self-help podcast I listen to now...exactly what I need for my mid-day walk! I love your project and am certain you are reaching and impacting sooo many people! Thanks for all you do."

Rebecca Hunter, MSW...

Therapist, Educator and Major Mental Health Nerd!

Rebecca Hunter, MSW, is a therapist passionate about simplifying mental health. She helps people, especially the chronically stressed, find balance and thrive through:

    • Action-oriented therapy: Ditch long assessments and diagnoses, Rebecca focuses on practical steps for lasting change.
    • Mindfulness & neuroscience: Understanding your brain and cultivating present-moment awareness empowers you.
    • Education and self-help: Free resources like her podcast and online courses equip you with knowledge and tools. ️

Rebecca believes the best cure for anxiety and depression is education and self-management, not just medication. She keeps things casual, flexible, and goal-driven, helping clients reach their full potential.

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"Rebecca is the BEST! Do yourself a favor and rate/ review. She gives what we all need- honest, non-overwhelming, thoughtful, human practical advice. Can't say enough good things! Thank you, girl!"