Lessons in Difficulty

Ever put off something important because...gross? Join Rebecca as she shares her hilarious and relatable journey conquering a dreaded medical test (hint: it involves tubes and a sheep blanket).

But this isn't just about colonoscopies! It's about learning to navigate life's "pickles" (chosen or not), from body-numbing prep to soothing your nervous system. ‍♀️

Here's what you'll get:

  • 4 unexpected lessons from a medical test (beyond just "eat clean").
  • Tips for nurturing your body and making discomfort a little less...uncomfortable.
  • Nervous system regulation hacks for conquering any challenge, inner or outer. ✨
  • A dose of humor and realness to remind you, you're not alone in your weirdness.

Ready to grow (even if it involves a little discomfort)?

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P.S. Colonoscopies are important. Get one.


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