Everyday Gaslighting

Maybe you've heard the term "gaslighting" thrown around, but what does it actually mean?

This week's episode of Take Out Therapy dives in. This episode is to help you understand what gaslighting is and how to spot it in your own life.

Here's why this episode will help

  • Unpack the Hype: We'll clear up the confusion – what is gaslighting really, and how is it different from a simple disagreement?
  • Everyday vs. Yikes: Learn to identify the not-so-subtle (and sometimes not-so-obvious) signs of gaslighting in your relationships.
  • Take Back Your Power: I'll share some practical tips on how to respond to gaslighting and stop questioning your own gut feeling.
  • Self-Love Matters: Did you know you can gaslight yourself too? We'll explore how to break free from that negative self-talk and trust your own experience.

So if you're ready to ditch the confusion and reclaim your reality, tune in! This episode is packed with insights and strategies to help you navigate relationships with more confidence.

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